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Recordings of past seminars are linked at the bottom of this page.



Are the online seminars recorded?

Yes. With your registration, you accept that that recordings – or parts of these – may be published on the publisher’s websites and/or social media channels.

Please note! Each participant appears with his/her name in the chat entries. Should a recording be published, all names will be made anonymous.


Is it a problem if the name on the registration does not match the name of the participant?

Yes! Each participant will be sent a personal access code after registration. This access code is non-transferable.

Please note! Abbreviated names or nicknames will not be accepted when logging in!


What requirements have to be fulfilled in order to be able to participate in an online seminar?

You do not require any specific software and do not need to download any programs. You just need an internet connection and loudspeakers or a headset.


I am having technical difficulties.

Test your connection here.

If necessary, use the support link given by Adobe Connect©. Please understand that we can only offer limited technical support as we use a platform provided by an external supplier.


I cannot hear anything.

Please check that your speakers/headset are switched on and the loudspeaker symbol on your computer (not on Adobe!) is not switched to mute.

If you are in the virtual meeting room, you will see the menu point “Meeting” at the top left of the window. From this menu option, please select "Audio Setup Wizard" and follow the steps shown there. During the webinar you will only be able to communicate within the chat room – you will not be able to speak/be heard.


Recordings of past webinars