Delta Publishing Catalogue

Super Starters

An activity-based course for young learners

Authors: Wendy Superfine, Judy West

ISBN: 9783125013858

Series:Delta Young Learners English Course

Level:Cambridge ESOL YLE Starters / pre-A1

Super Starters is the first level of the Delta Young Learners English course and is an activity-based course suitable for 7 to 9 year olds and is ideal for preparation for the Cambridge ESOL YLE Starters test. It encourages pupils to “learn-by-doing”.

Super Starters has a rich variety of activities including:

  • Cut-outs for each unit where pupils make puppets, spinners and masks, which are then used for speaking activities.
  • A wide range of photocopiable material in the Teacher’s Book, including picture cards for each unit (used for card games and introducing / revising vocabulary) and two board games.
  • Listening and pronunciation activities on the CDs.

Each unit of Super Starters revolves around a topic which will be familiar to young learners and which is included in the revised Starters syllabus e.g. Clothes, My Family, Face and body.

Super Starters emphasises natural, spoken English and encourages genuine communication between pupils.

Language in Super Starters is always introduced through a listening activity, so learners can see how it is used in context before practising it themselves.

Key language and structures are revised at regular intervals throughout the course.

Learner autonomy is encouraged through the use of activities, both in the Pupil’s Book and more extensively in the Activity Book.

# Name Type Size
# Name ISBN
1Activity Book9783125013834
2Audio CD9783125013841
3Pupil's Book9783125013858
4Teacher's Book9783125013865
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Wendy Superfine

Wendy Superfine is a freelance teacher trainer and author of primary E.F.L. materials. She
is a past joint coordinator of the IATEFL Y.L’s SIG. Her publications include primary
resource books for Delta as co-author of ‘Super Starters’, ‘Mighty Movers’ revised 2018, ‘
The CLIL Resource Pack’, ‘Telling Tales in English’ and ‘Fun and Games’. She has also
written primary course books for Oxford University Press and Longman Press. She has
worked as head of the primary E.F.L. department in an international school and has
worked as a Primary teacher trainer with the British Council and as director of Primary
Teacher Summer courses in Oxford and the University of Chichester.

Judy West

I studied French and Education at Cambridge University and got my first experience of teaching ELT.

After that I went to Sweden to teach and learnt the language as well. After some school teaching in London I wanted to travel and so I spent three years in the Arab world. That was where I began my writing career. After doing my MA in London, I wrote for Macmillan Education and combined that with a twenty year career in Further Education.

Whilst writing, training training and bringing up a family in London I also travelled to many countries and got very involved with Young Learners’ materials. My eight level course for Macmillan has been used throughout the world and still holds good. Delta first asked me to write ‘Super Starters’ and now ‘Say Hello’ will be published in 2014. The early years of language learning really are the most vital so I am delighted to have been able to help create this delightful course.