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Using Humour in the English Classroom

Teaching ideas and activities

Author: Geoff Tranter

ISBN: 9783125346451


Using Humour in the English Classroom is a photocopiable resource book for use with adult and teenage students of English. It provides extensive speaking practice with 72 copymasters as an instant resource for teachers. It offers students enjoyable speaking practice activities in up-to-date contexts they can relate to.

  • increase learners’ language awareness and improve their communication skills
  • verbal, visual and written humour including doodles and graffiti, newspaper headlines, church and shop signs, “Waiter, waiter”, “Doctor, doctor” and “Knock, knock” jokes, spoonerisms, malapropisms, limericks, tongue twisters, and many more
  • suitable for all English learners from CEF level A2
  • bring variety to your classes: for group or pair work or individual tuition
  • extensive teachers notes with background information, solutions and suggestions for further activities

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Geoff Tranter

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