Delta Publishing Catalogue

Class Act

Short plays with activities for young learners

Authors: Danièle Bourdais, Sue Finnie

ISBN: 9783125017252


Class Act is a photocopiable collection of 12 short plays aimed at young learners of English, aged 7-11. The plays cover a variety of topics and genres, including traditional and modern tales, comedy and fantasy. The plays offer an age-appropriate and fun way for young children to practise useful language in English through enjoyable and motivating storylines.

The plays are graded in order of difficulty to suit a range of levels. The plays involve listening, speaking, watching and plenty of movement and are suitable for mixed-abilities and different learning styles.

While boosting pupils ‘ linguistic skills, the plays also build their confidence, by providing  the opportunity to practise a number of skills such as  listening, reading, expressive reading/speaking, memorising through listening and repetition, and writing.

Each of the 12 plays in Class Act is accompanied by:

  • an audio version on CD
  • advice provided in the introduction
  • individual notes with specific details of key vocabulary, functions and grammar covered
  • ideas for preparatory work and step-by-step suggestions for work on the play plus suggestions for related cross-curricular activities and extension work
  • details of costumes, props, sets and sound effects, if needed
  • a photocopiable script
  • three photocopiable worksheets (a scene setting picture, a listening activity and an activity to help pupils learn their lines).
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Danièle Bourdais

I was born on the south coast of Brittany. I loved languages from a very young age and studied English, German and Russian at school. I read English at Paris University. I came to London to work as a foreign language assistant for what was meant be a year. That was over 30 years ago and I have made London my home!

I completed my BA Hons and went on to do an MA in Literary Translation. I started my career in publishing in 1986, writing and editing foreign language magazines for Mary Glasgow Publications, where I learnt most of what there was to know about publishing good language learning material.

Among my particular interests are language awareness in young children, bilingualism, intercultural understanding, the use of music and drama in language teaching and writing fiction and non-fiction for language learners.

Over the years, I have worked with most UK educational publishers as author, editor and consultant and with Sue Finnie, co-authored award-winning coursebooks, picture books, plays, readers, songs, apps and digital resources as well as non-fiction trade books, in both French and English, for all ages and abilities. I enjoyed creating simple plays for young learners (Class Act) and hope they will love learning and performing them.

Sue Finnie

I am English, a true Cockney according to the traditional definition (born in London within the sound of Bow Bells) although I think my accent has mellowed a bit over the years!

After a solid grammar school education in suburban London, I studied for a BSc Hons in French and Italian at the University of Salford. After graduating, I worked for several years at the wonderful Mary Glasgow Publications, training first of all as a writer/editor and progressing to become Commissioning Editor for Modern Languages. Along the way I also picked up a teaching certificate from the Sorbonne, an RSA TEFL qualification and an ILEA certificate qualifying me to teach adults. With all that in my pocket, once I became a mother, I decided to try to earn a living as a freelancer.

It seems to have worked! I have many years of experience in the fields of education and publishing, particularly devising language learning resources. I’ve always been a keen language learner myself. I’ve lived in England, Scotland, France and Italy and feel that cultural awareness is an integral part of speaking a language well and try to reflect that in all the work I do.

Over the years I have been lucky enough to work for many large and not so large organisations including the BBC, Oxford University Press and Nelson Thornes. As well as traditional course books and printed resources for all age-groups, I have worked as an author and consultant on TV and radio series, on interactive whiteboard resources, online games and apps.

Nowadays, I work on most projects with co-author Danièle Bourdais. Together we wrote the award-winning French course EQUIPE for Oxford University Press, the primary English course BUSY BOX for Editions Multicolores, HARRY LEARNS ENGLISH for Ticktock Media and the HELLO KIDS READERS for ABC Melody, as well as lots of other language learning resources. My aim as a resource writer is always to make language learning memorable. I hope the playlets Danièle and I have written for DELTA will really involve pupils and bring the language to life for them.