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Trinity CertTESOL Companion

A guide for English language teachers

Author: Jason Anderson

ISBN: 9783125016231

Trinity CertTESOL Companion is the ideal companion for any trainee English language teacher preparing for the Trinity CertTESOL course.

Trinity CertTESOL Companion can be used both as pre-course preparation and as a supplement to the training on the course. It sets trainee teachers firmly on the path to becoming capable and independent English language teachers.
Contents: The book consists of five core units which mirror the five units of the CertTESOL syllabus together with three supplementary units to assist trainees before, during and after the course.
Each unit includes a number of key features to model and support best practice in teacher education:
• Learning opportunities provided at the beginning of the unit;
• A review activity at the end of the unit to enable self-evaluation of the learning opportunities;
• ‘Pause for Thought’ activities at several stages within each unit to help trainees reflect on what they are reading in order to consolidate learning;
• Real quotes from CertTESOL trainers and former trainees to provide advice and build confidence.
Other features include:
• An extensive reference unit entitled ‘The Knowledge’ including information on CertTESOL pass criteria, English language exams and key aspects of grammar that trainee teachers need to know;
• A recommended reading list and a selection of pre-course preparation tasks;
• An overview of EFL methodologies and theory which links to the different units/requirements of the CertTESOL;
• Help with lesson planning (including model plan) and structuring assignments;
• A full glossary of educational/ELT terminology and an index.
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Jason Anderson

Jason Anderson is a teacher, teacher educator, educational consultant, and multiple award-winning author of books for language teachers.

He has taught languages, trained teachers, and developed materials to support teachers in primary, secondary and adult education for over 20 years. He has taught English in 8 different countries in Europe, Africa and Asia, and his work as a consultant has taken him to over 20 countries, including projects for UNICEF, the British Council, the Commonwealth of Learning and VSO.

He is twice winner of British Council Elton Awards (2016, 2017) both for his writing and his research, and is also winner of the King’s College London Hans Prize in Education and the Trinity College London Chairperson’s Award.

Jason Anderson’s materials for Delta Publishing include photocopiable resource books, suitable for use in adult and teen ELT classrooms, as well as resource books for teachers, such as the Trinity CertTESOL Companion.

His research interests include pre-service and in-service teacher education, multilingualism in language teaching, and issues of appropriacy of methodology and social context. As well as his work for Delta Publishing, Jason has developed a wide range of free resources for teachers and teacher trainers, available from his website