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The Resourceful English Teacher

A complete teaching companion

Authors: Mark Stone, Jon Chandler

ISBN: 9783125016057

Series:Professional Perspectives

The Resourceful English Teacher, part of the Professional Perspectives series, provides a repertoire of more than 200 classroom activities for use in a wide range of teaching solutions.

The Resourceful English Teacher is an essential companion for both the less experienced teacher looking for guidance and ideas, and the more experienced professional in search of fresh insights and renewed inspiration.

The activities are:

  • Practical
  • Accessible
  • Concise
  • Comprehensive
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Mark Stone

Jon Chandler and I co-authored The Resourceful English Teacher when we were EFL teachers in Oxford-based language schools. One summer Jon and I were colleagues at The Swan School of English, and ever since then, we had had discussions about how useful it would be for teachers of all levels to have a ‘generic’ teaching book with tips and ideas on how to use readily-available resources, like newspapers, songs, the word-box and computers, in the language classroom.

Our essential idea was to create a resource book that would be useful in almost any classroom, irrespective of the circumstances, because it would provide a core body of flexible and easily-adapted ideas on how to use existing resources – whether authentic or easily-created within the classroom itself. We wanted to write an EFL teacher’s ‘desert-island’ handbook…

Jon and I started by developing short articles, each on how to use a specific resource innovatively in the classroom, these were published over a few months in English Teaching Professional. We developed these into a series of practical workshops for EFL teachers, which we co-delivered one summer in Oxford. Together, the articles and workshops were the ‘germ’ from which The Resourceful English Teacher developed, nurtured assiduously by the two Nicks – Nick Ridley of ETp and Nick Boisseau of Delta Publishing.

Over one summer, Jon and I took a few weeks leave from teaching to co-author The Resourceful English Teacher. It was an intense period, hard work but immensely rewarding. To our great surprise, we delivered the first draft to the two Nicks exactly on time. And even more miraculously, a few months later, The Resourceful English Teacher emerged, no longer a manuscript in MS Word, but a real book, printed and bound.

Feedback to ‘Resourceful’ was immediately positive. It was clear that the book fulfilled a genuine need for teachers worldwide. We are pleased, and proud, that The English Teacher has remained in print – and sold steadily, since Jon and I first wrote it.

Jon Chandler

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