Delta Publishing Catalogue

The Business English Teacher

Professional principles and practical procedures

Authors: Debbie Barton, Jennifer Burkat, Caireen Sever

ISBN: 9783125013520

Series:Delta Teacher Development Series

The Business English Teacher is a compendium of good practice for successful business English teaching. It is invaluable both for teachers thinking of moving into business English teaching, and those wishing to further increase their skills and develop their potential. Written by three business English experts with extensive experience in various fields, it offers:

  • an insight into the world of teaching business English learners
  • a detailed guide for both future and current practitioners
  • a bank of activities covering both business and language skills

The Business English Teacher contains three distinctive parts which focus in turn on theory, practice and development:

Part A analyses the qualities that make a good business English teacher and demonstrates the underlying pedagogy and overriding principles of business English teaching. It looks into who you teach, what you teach, where you teach and, above all, it explains how you can teach confidently and successfully.

Part B consists of a wealth of practical guidance and activities for all stages of an efficient business English course from the very beginning. It covers the business skills your learners need to perform and the language skills they need to perform them.

Part C looks at how you can develop, highlighting the need for reflecting on your present classroom performance, before finally focusing on the routes for furthering your professional development – in both the business English teaching world and the business world.

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Debbie Barton

Debbie Barton is an inspector, teacher trainer and writer for a leading business English provider, and a Cambridge BEC examiner, with experience in business and general courses and in the secondary sector.

Jennifer Burkat

After getting an MA in TESOL and German in 1998, I moved to Germany to be with my husband Jörg.  My first job was one that I never imagined having — teaching Business English at companies.  Despite experience teaching ESL, I found the job quite challenging and was really grateful for the support that I received from my colleagues at the time.  This experience was one of my main motivations to start writing articles for ETp together with Caireen and Debbie  — to give teachers who are just starting out in the field of business English the tools to feel confident with the job that they have just taken on.  I am very excited that these original articles have now expanded into the book – The Business English Teacher – and my hope is that teachers will find this a useful resource for meeting the challenges of teaching business English.

Currently, I teach Business English at the University of Applied Sciences Münster,  Germany.  It is a great job and I love the contact with the students.  My path into this job was not straight forward and it is one that I honestly never imagined having.  But everyday I am happy that I made teaching business English, my business!

Caireen Sever

After studying English at university, I worked for five years in customer service for a small company, where I learned a lot about all sides of business.

However, I wanted to see more of the world and to develop my interest in languages, so did the Trinity TESOL certificate and went to work for IH in Katowice, Poland. I was there for 3 years and during that time I learned a lot about… well, everything. I learned how to implement the basics of teaching which I’d been introduced to on the teaching course. I learned how to exploit coursebooks to make them more interesting for teenagers. I learned how to improvise when you realize you’ve brought the wrong cassette into the lesson. I also learned how hard it is to learn a language completely from scratch as an adult.

I did my Delta course online, one other person on the course was Jennifer Burkhart, and after doing my DELTA, I was ready for my next challenge and wanted to use my experience in business. I ended up working at Linguarama Düsseldorf thanks to Jennifer recommending the school. From the start, I loved the practical nature of teaching business English; of teaching people skills which will help them do their jobs better. There is no better reward for a business English teacher than the look of delight on a business person’s face when they have just attended a meeting in English and could understand what was happening, comment on it and be taken seriously. I also love the unique opportunity to spend quality time talking to business people from all levels of responsibility and in all industries. Learning in business English is a two-way process and my interest in and knowledge about the business world grows every day.

In the school where I was working I also started getting involved in mentoring and training. In 2006 I wrote a series of seven articles in English Teaching Professional about teaching business skills with my colleagues Jennifer Burkart and Debbie Barton. In 2008, we decided to expand those original ideas into a book, still with a focus on practical ideas but with more space to consider teachers’ professional development as well. During the 2 years it has taken to write the book, our lives have changed a lot. I am now DoS at my school, Debbie is back in the UK and Jennifer is working for Münster University.