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Learning to Teach English – Second Edition

A practical methodology book for pre-CELTA and TKT trainees

Author: Peter Watkins

ISBN: 9783125016224

Series:Delta Teacher Development Series

Learning to Teach English – Second Edition is an easy-to-use introduction to English language teaching and is ideal for new teachers or those preparing for courses leading to qualifications such as Cambridge English’s CELTA  and TKT, or Trinity College London’s CertTESOL.

The second edition is thoroughly revised and updated and now comes with:

  • a DVD, including recordings of real lessons, the teachers’ comments on those lessons, and their tips on developing as a teacher
  • even more activities for teachers to use in the classroom
  • Try it out! sections that support ongoing development and reflection after training
  • a bank of short activities
  • a glossary of key teaching terms

Additional key features:

  • grammar reference sections
  • tasks with commentaries to promote engaged and reflective reading
  • complete lesson plans with photocopiable material

The second edition remains an accessible and practical book that will help new teachers as they train and develop through the first years of their teaching careers.

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Peter Watkins

I am a Senior Lecturer at the University of Portsmouth, where I’m the Course leader for our MA in Applied Linguistics and TEFL programme. I also work on a range of other courses and units, including the online version of our MA course.

Most of the learners that I teach now are in their early 20s (as they are at university) but I began teaching in 1987 and in that time have taught a variety of age groups and types of learner. One of my first jobs was teaching English in Athens, a place of which I still have many fond memories and I first began working on teacher training courses when I was living in Italy.

My work at Portsmouth gives me great variety, which I love. As well as teaching EFL classes, I also teach classes that are about language (discourse, pragmatics, models of politeness, male and female language and so on). I also work with teachers both on pre-service training courses and also those with great experience who are following our MA programme. So I get to work with people who are at both ends of the training-development continuum.

My main interests are teacher education and language teaching methodology and these interests are reflected in my writing. As well as Learning to Teach English (Delta Publishing 2005) I also co-authored (with Scott Thornbury) The CELTA Course Trainee Book and The CELTA Course Trainer’s Manual (Cambridge University Press 2007).