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Challenging Children

Imaginative activities to inspire young learners

Author: Henk van Oort

ISBN: 9783125016026

Series:Professional Perspectives

Challenging Children, part of the Professional Perspectives series, recognises that teaching young learners is as rewarding as it is challenging. Young learners demand special attention and stimulation if they are to learn effectively. Lessons need to be planned and delivered in such a way that pupils hardly notice that they are learning a new language.

The main aim of Challenging Children is to:

  • activivate their linguistic abilities
  • generate vocabulary
  • arouse their interest in the learning process

Challenging Children offers a series of activities for pupils from five to twelve years, divided into three levels of difficulties.

The activities are easily adaptable. They need little or no preparation and the instructions are concise and clear. They can be used with or without a coursebook; as warmers, fillers or your main lesson.

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Henk van Oort

I trained as a primary teacher before taking a Masters Degree in English at the University of Amsterdam. My forty years’ teaching comprises work in primary education as a general teacher, as a teacher of English and headmaster. I have also run classes for highly gifted children. I also teach on the Primary Methodology Courses run by PILGRIMS on the university campus of the University of Kent at Canterbury, England. I am married, father of three grown-up children and I am based in Bergen N.H. in the Netherlands.

I feel inspired by NLP, psychosynthesis, the ideas of Waldorf Education and most of all by the children that I meet in my lessons. Over the years I have developed a kind of intuition that enables me to produce exactly the lessons my pupils want me to. In doing so I try to strike a balance between modern technology that is present in every classroom nowadays and the human factor. My Challenging Children is based on these principles. Children strongly connect their learning processes with the personality of the teacher. Also in foreign language teaching the teacher acts as an example that cannot be dispensed with. With all their senses and with their innate imitative forces children absorb all aspects of the foreign language as presented by the teacher. Whilst doing so they hardly notice that they are learning. I find teaching children in this way a most rewarding activity.