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Activities for Task-Based Learning

Integrating a fluency first approach into the ELT classroom

Methodology meets practical classroom usage with ready-to-use photocopiable materials

Authors: Neil Anderson, Neil McCutcheon

ISBN: 9783125017016

Ideas in Action: Activities for Task-Based Learning provides teachers with a balance of

theoretical insights and engaging tasks that can be used immediately. Activities for Task-Based

Learning helps teachers ensure that meaningful communication takes priority over focusing on

pre-selected language forms.

Activities for Task-Based Learning:

• is dedicated to tasks created especially with TBL in mind

• offers a variety of text reconstruction activities

• offers strategies for helping capture and exploit emergent language

• provides suggestions for designing consciousness-raising tasks

Additional features and resources include:

• photocopiable worksheets accompanying most tasks

• variation, extension, task repetition suggestions

• authentic recordings available for free on the DELTA Augmented app

• language feedback options and follow-up suggestions

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Neil Anderson

Neil Anderson is Senior Trainer at International House Budapest, where he works as a teacher, CELTA and DELTA trainer. He began teaching in 1997 and has taught and trained in the UK, Switzerland and Hungary.

Neil McCutcheon

Neil McCutcheon is Head of Teacher Training for CELTA and DELTA courses at The ELT Hub in Lyon and Strasbourg. He began teaching in 1991 and taught in the UK, Ghana, and Hungary before moving to France.