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Speaking and Writing

IELTS Games and Activities: Speaking and Writing offers a wide range of photocopiable communicative and collaborative games and activities for the IELTS preparation classroom. The refreshingly creative ideas and innovative worksheets are all designed with the requirements of the Speaking and Writing modules in mind. The games and activities not only help keep student motivation levels up, but they focus on developing skills and language in the following IELTS assessment categories: lexical resources, grammatical range and accuracy, coherence and cohesion, and task achievement. This book is primarily intended for IELTS teachers and their students, but can be used in a range of teaching situations. IELTS Games and Activities: Speaking and Writing includes: • IELTS familiarization: activities designed to help students build confidence and awareness of the exam requirements • Expressing your ideas: focus on finding different ways of talking about ideas and arguments • Writing Task 1: reporting factual data based on graphs, charts and images, describing and comparing data, describing processes • Writing Task 2: presenting a clear, well-structured argumentq, backing arguments up with evidence and examples, analysing problems and offering solutions, exploring causes and highlighting effects, weighing up advantages and disadvantages • Speaking: a wide range of functional language to help students communicate effectively and meet the requirements of the assessment categories

Author: Aida Sahutoglu

ISBN: 978312501570

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Aida Sahutoglu

Aida’s IELTS training experience stretches over 15 years of teaching in the UK, USA and Russia. She has always been enthusiastic about study skills and finding alternative solutions to exam preparation by combining authentic materials, test papers and games. She has developed and used this material with students aged 16 and over, both in language schools and on university preparation courses. This experience has helped her create IELTS materials which are fun and engaging, but still make sure that the essential test requirements are met and the skills are sufficiently practiced.