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Listening and note-taking skills Teacher's Book

Teacher's book

Author: Michael Thompson

ISBN: 9783125013438

Series:DELTA Academic Objectives

Full Teacher's notes for use with Delta Academic Objectives: Listening and note-taking skills Student's Book

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Michael Thompson

Michael Thompson has spent more than 25 years teaching English, mostly in Italian universities and businesses. He is a long-time contributer to Bocconi University and a member of staff at Biccoca University in Milan.

Mike holds a Masters in TESL from Manhattanville College in New York. He has developed Undergraduate and Master's-level Language Programs for Business Students, Law Students, and Journalism Students. (He also believes in the Oxford comma).

Mike is an experienced materials developer. He has written two other books in adition to Listening and Note-Taking Skills, and has written more self-study materials and exams than he cares to remember.

In addition to English for Academic Purposes, Mike focuses on English for Journalists, Legal English, and Professional Communications Skills for non-native speakers.