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Managing Projects

International Management English is a ground-breaking series developed by York Associates

Author: Bob Dignen

ISBN: 9783125013315


Managing Projects deals with the challenges facing those who run or take part in international projects, covering all aspects of communication and people management from the initial kick-off meeting to closing the project.

Eight unit focus on:

– International project challenges

– Getting it right from the start

– Managing people in projects

– Keeping projects on track

– Building better communication

– Dealing with conflict

– Marketing the project

– Finishing successfully

In every unit Managing Projects provides comprehensive training in the skills proven to be necessary to communicate successfully in the world of international business: relevant language skills, communicative ability, people management skills and intercultural competence. This training is delivered through extensive speaking and listening activities, professional input, skills practice, intercultural awareness-raising and case study discussions.

In addition the book provides:

– two audio CDs

– a learning diary

– a needs analysis

– unit-by-unit glossaries of key words and phrases

– tips for more effective language learning and how to improve performance at work

– the opportunity to develop a personal action plan


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Bob Dignen

Bob Dignen is a director of York Associates. He specialises in delivering intercultural training and international team seminars. He offers coaching to international project leaders and is available to facilitate project (kick-off) meetings and run team-building events. He is also available as a keynote speaker for project meetings / management events / professional conferences.

He is an accredited facilitator of Fierce Conversations™, a licensed coach for The International Profiler (an intercultural profiling tool), and an advanced practitioner of TMP (Team Management Profile) an international team development tool.

As an author, his titles include Communicating Across Cultures (CUP), Communicating Internationally in English (York Associates), 50 Ways to improve your international presentation skills and 50 Ways to improve your intercultural skills published by Summertown. He is also co-author of Developing People Internationally, a multimedia international team training resource.