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Leading People

For those who run professional teams

International Management English is a ground-breaking series developed by York Associates

Author: Steve Flinders

ISBN: 9783125013322


Leading People deals with the challenges facing those who run professional teams, covering all aspects of communication and people management from developing one’s own leadership skills through to getting the best from others.

Eight units focus on:

– Becoming a better manager

– Building a team

– Getting and giving direction

– Organising teams

– Defining roles

– Providing support

– Giving and receiving feedback

– Representing a team

In every unit Leading People provides comprehensive training in the skills proven to be necessary to communicate successfully in the world of international business: relevant language skills, communicative ability, people management skills and intercultural competence. This training is delivered through extensive speaking and listening activities, professional input, skills practice, intercultural awareness-raising and case study discussions.

In addition the book provides:

– an audio CD

– a learning diary

– a needs analysis

– unit-by-unit glossaries of keywords and phrases

– tips for more effective language learning and how to improve performance at work

– the opportunity to develop a personal action plan

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Steve Flinders


I’m Steve Flinders. I’m a freelance trainer, writer, consultant and coach.

I was born in the UK and read Politics, Philosophy and Economics at university. I then took a gap decade, working as a volunteer in a school in Pakistan, living in SW Ireland, getting a teaching qualification, teaching English in Sweden, and spending a year walking round Great Britain.

In the 80s I lived and worked in Paris, first in higher education and then as a manager in a private sector training company. In the early 90s, I returned to the UK to become a director of York Associates.

York Associates helps people develop skills for working internationally. For the next twenty years, I designed and delivered various kinds of training to develop the professional language, communication, intercultural and leadership skills of clients, as well as sharing in the running of the company and writing books. I particularly enjoyed working with politicians, civil servants, trades unionists, journalists and HR managers.

I’ve now left York Associates and live in Malta where I continue to work on a part-time basis. When I’m not working, I enjoy practising yoga, swimming, reading, playing the piano, travelling and talking.