International Management English

A ground-breaking series developed by York Associates, who have been preparing professionals for international work for over 30 years.

Research shows that, in order to operate and communicate successfully in the ever-more-connected world of international business, managers need a blend of the following skills to be effective communicators:

  • Relevant language skills
  • People management skills
  • Communicative ability
  • Intercultural competence

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Managing Projects B2-C1

Coursebook with audio CD

Working Virtually B2-C1

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  • International Management English provides comprehensive training in all of the above areas alongside the language needed to carry them out successfully. International Management English consists of four titles covering key aspects of international business operations. Each book in the series consists of eight units, with every unit offering four distinct sections:

    • Discussion and listening: Engaging and relevant content in areas of international management and teamwork
    • Communication skills: In addition to the familiar topics of meetings, presentations and negotiations, input and practice are also provided in conflict management, team building and giving and receiving feedback
    • Professional skills: Authentic texts from management writers and thinkers provide the starting point for reflection and discussion among learners
    • Intercultural competence: A focus on raising cultural awareness followed by an illustrative case study


    In addition, each title in the International Management English Series provides:

    • A learning diary
    • A needs analysis
    • Unit-by-unit glossaries of key words and phrases
    • Tips for more effective language learning and how to improve performance at work
    • The opportunity to develop a personal action plan
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