Heads up

The practical student-based business speaking course


Heads up Second Edition is a practical student-based business speaking course devised to meet the needs of in-work students and has been fully updated with new features.

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Heads up B1

Student’s Book with audios

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Student’s Book with audios
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  • Heads up is perfect for short business English courses and addresses the overriding need in-work students have to become operational in spoken English as quickly and efficiently as possible.

    Heads up addresses the lack of time these learners often have and the need for streamlined materials targeting their needs. Heads up helps students to successfully achieve speaking skills by providing careful preparation, personalised tasks, and consistent pronunciation practice.

    Heads up gets right to the heart of the students’ needs and wishes. The topics encourage students to talk about their own work situations and personalised activities provide motivation.

    New additional downloadable material allows full-time students without work experience to complete an alternate version of the end Task/Follow-up.


    Key features:

    • Extensive listening and speaking practice with personalised tasks
    • Regular pronunciation work, with attention to elision, stress and intonation
    • Suitable for class use and some guided self-study
    • All audio recordings online plus key language on flash cards


    The First Edition is available as long as supplies last: