DELTA Team Readers

English literature for differentiated reading


Different language levels in one class? Our Team Readers have been specially developed for this challenging teaching situation.

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The Magic Mirror

Reader + Delta Augmented

The Old Steam Train

Reader + Delta Augmented


Reader + Delta Augmented

Pip and the Umbrella Room

Reader + Delta Augmented

Arthur Young and the Corgi Mystery

Reader + Delta Augmented

The Treasure of Tea Towers

Lektüre + DELTA Augmented
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  • Reading in the foreign language classroom in a mixed-ability class is a challenge. The new DELTA Team Reader series enables all pupils to have an equal say and to be actively involved in the reading work in the English language classroom.

    Well-known English authors of children's and young adults' books were asked to write original stories for the differentiated lessons according to a sophisticated didactic concept. The DELTA Team Readers for 5th/6th, as well as 7th graders, offer a cooperative and positive reading experience in which everyone is involved and motivated. Everyone is able to contribute, even the weaker learners, which is important during the joint exchange phases. In these phases, the story is discussed, allowing all students to express themselves and be fully involved.

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