DELTA Reader

These fun stories are perfect for motivating students to read in English.

There are a range of activities in the books to test comprehension, improve vocabulary and grammar, as well as encouraging critical thinking.

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  • Key features 

  • Our DELTA Publishing Graded Readers give learners from primary levels upwards the opportunity to use the language they’ve learnt in class to explore different genres and “worlds”.

    No matter how old you are, or how good at English you are, you boost your confidence and see how much you really do know. The annotations will help you understand the most difficult words on the page as you read, and the activities will both help you build your language skills and reflect on the content of the book.

    As a teacher, you can of course use the Graded Readers in class to motivate your students to read. Carefully written and graded according to the CEFR levels, our growing number of titles dive into the worlds of fairy tales, adventure, crime, mystery, history…

    Our Graded Readers are intended to develop your students’ reading and language skills. We want to help you get them interested in reading and show them that language really does matter.