DELTA Primary Readers: Fairy Tales

DELTA Primary Readers are the perfect introduction to reading in English


DELTA Readers: Fairy Tales is a series of popular, classic fairy tales written specifically for young learners of English. These timeless fairy tales are beautifully illustrated and have a variety of fun activities. They are suitable for elementary school learners and have vocabulary training as well as full text recordings on DELTA Augmented.

DELTA Primary Readers: Fairy Tales is part of the series:
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Snow White and the Seven Dwarves

Primary Reader + Delta Augmented

The Frog Prince

Primary Reader + Delta Augmented

Hansel and Gretel

Primary Reader + Delta Augmented


Primary Reader + Delta Augmented


Primary Reader + Delta Augmented

Sleeping Beauty

Primary Reader + Delta Augmented

The Wolf and the Seven Little Goats

Primary Reader + Delta Augmented
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  • On five levels spanning CEFR levels Pre-A1 to A2, pupils can enjoy their first reading experience in a foreign language. Every CEFR level is given a motivating name so pupils can feel as strong as

    • Dragons (Pre-A1)
    • Elephants (Pre-A1)
    • Lions (A1)
    • Tigers (A1+)
    • Alligators (A2)

    All readers include:

    • explanations of new vocabulary directly on the page
    • more vocabulary in the glossary
    • activities to check understanding and help improve vocabulary and grammar in preparation for the Cambridge English: Young Learners (YLE) exams.
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