DELTA Escape Adventures

In every DELTA Escape Adventure you find yourself in a situation which you need to escape from. And in order to escape, you need to read each chapter, understand the situation, and solve the problems you encounter along the way. You may need to think hard to solve the problems, but there are clues at hand to help …

The books are primarily intended for students aged 11-15. Learners can read them for self-learning and they can be used in class as well.

DELTA Escape Adventures is part of the series:
 DELTA Reader

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The American River

Reader with audio and digital extras
Cover The American River – Digital Edition allango NP10050115400

The American River – Digital Edition allango

Licence key (teachers/students, 24 months)
Reader with audio and digital extras

It's about time

Reader with audio and digital extras
Scheduled release 24 June 2024
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  • About DELTA Escape Adventures

    Escape games and books are popular with teenagers in their L1. The monolingual Escape Adventure Readers therefore provide students with genuine motivation to read: students need to read to find information and complete a task rather than simply to read a story.

    DELTA Escape Adventures: 

    • have a clear goal: read, and solve problems to escape from something or somewhere.
    • focus on task-achievement
    • concentrate on problem-solving
    • balance fact and fiction
    • are ideal for differentiation and inclusion: everyone can participate and everyone has different levels of subject knowledge
    • are CLIL-based: there is the potential to teach or revise content from other subjects: history, geography, art, music and science
    • incorporate the 21st century skills
    • are fun and challenging!


    • Before you start
    • Annotations
    • Talking points
    • Think about it boxes
    • Activities
    • Build your vocabulary: activities, mind map, glossary
    • Find out more
    • Answer key (for the activities – not the enigmas)
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