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I came kicking and screaming to an ELT job in Italy, more than 30 years ago.  I had little intention of making a long term career of it, and considered it as little more than a stop gap while I decided what I really wanted to do in life.  I had graduated in Modern Languages and European Studies so my first step was to do a Celta course, mainly because it would give me the chance to travel, the teaching was to be able to pay for it.

Yet, I gradually fell in love with the opportunities ELT work gave me over the years, in both Italy and France, from courses with children, teenagers and adults in schools and universities, to teacher training in those institutions. Work in multinational companies has always been a regular feature of my timetable. Who can boast as much variety as ours when we’re able to work and coach professionals in business associations and enterprises, and give and take from such a wide scope of life?

My work as a Speaking Examiner for Cambridge English Main Suite and Business Exams as well as that of an IELTS Writing and Speaking Examiner based at Milan’s British Council has been both rewarding and challenging.  Through the Council I’ve had the chance to further my qualifications: Delta, York Associates “Developing People Internationally”.

While undoubtedly appreciating the improvements ELT materials have made over the years, my urge to adapt materials to my students’ needs is a constant in every course I teach.  Awareness and sensitivity, increasing motivation and creating a sense of fun in my classes is what gives me a buzz.  The opportunity to collaborate with two great colleagues in writing these books for Delta has made me realize that the love affair still goes on.

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