Words, words and more words webinar

Vocabulary learning needs to be made enjoyable, easy and relevant and you can achieve this by getting your students to look at the rich world of words around them and beyond. This can be at school, on summer courses or in everyday situations.
The webinar will look at fun, interesting and effective ways to increase and expand your students' vocabulary to make it truly useful, personal and teen.
Dive In! is an innovative and complete course designed for 14-18 year olds. There are 4 books that are topic based and structured for short-stay courses. The course is designed to enhance the students’ stay with activities that are relevant to their summer experience with a project at the heart of course.
Trips, sports and community are just some of the areas covered so the students can build on their experience. Engaging activities include videos and audio with conversations in context and a daily project that leads to a presentation at the end of the week.