Masterclass Videos from top ELT authors

Masterclass 1: A lexical view of language

Hugh talks about what a lexical approach to grammar involves.


Masterclass 2: Teaching grammar

Andrew talks about grammar and vocabulary and some of the problems students face learning correct forms and phrases.


Masterclass 3: Teaching vocabulary

Andrew talks about how we as teachers can ask more questions in order to reenforce vocabulary learning.


Masterclass 4: Teaching listening

In this video Andrew talks about teaching listening skills with a lexical approach.


Masterclass 5: Teaching speaking

Hugh talks about how you can get more from speaking activities with your students.


Masterclass 6: Teaching reading

Hugh talks about how you can use reading exercises in order to get students to re-tell stories.


Masterclass 7: Revision techniques

Here are some great tips for revising things you have taught your students.


Masterclass 8: Teaching writing

Andrew looks at teaching writing in a more lexical way.


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