Wednesday 16 Jun 2021, 04:00 PM (UK time) - Wednesday 16 Jun 2021, 05:00 PM (UK time)
Livening up a reading class


Louis Rogers, author


Reading lessons can sometimes feel rather undynamic in the English language classroom. The students can spend a lot of time with their heads down, processing information individually, so the energy in the classroom can feel muted, which is demotivating to some learners. To a certain extent this quiet individual time is necessary when teaching reading comprehensions skills. However, there are also many fun and interactive things we can do with a text to lift it off the page and create more classroom interaction. This talk will use lessons from the new Adult Course from Delta Publishing, On Point, to look at how we can liven up a reading class.

A Certificate of Attendance is available for every participant.

Take a look at On Point on the DELTA Website.

Speaker: Louis Rogers