Discover allango!

Get to know the new learning platform allango from DELTA Publishing and learn how you can benefit from the optimized successor solution to the DELTA Augmented app.




Scan, learn, discover!

With the Delta Augmented app you can scan and play all media data directly from your textbook. Just hold your smartphone or tablet over the page in your book: The app automatically detects all stored audio files, videos or links and plays them directly on your device. The complete media data for each book is readily available - quickly and free of charge: Learning languages is fun!

The Delta Augmented app is available for free in the App Store (iOS) or int the Google Play Store (Android).

Delta Augmented: Now even better!

An extensive update is now available for the popular Delta Augmented app - with practical functions that many customers have requested!

➔ Here are some of the new functions:

  • Start quickly: You’re directly in scan mode and, thanks to the improved library, everything is ready to click!
  • Load everything with one click: In the new version, you can bookmark or download the complete content for a title with one click!
  • Be perfectly organised: Do you use several titles at the same time? With the new filter and sorting functions, you can always keep track of your content.


For detailed step-by-step instructions, download the quick guide below.

Step-by-step guide

Quick guide

Quick guide

This guide will introduce you step by step to all the functions and menus of the DELTA Augmented app.