Latest functions combined with
the best of the DELTA Augmented app

As an optimised follow-on solution to the DELTA Augmented app, the allango learning platform offers a range of new benefits.

Find out here what’s changing for you as a user of the DELTA Augmented app, what’s new and why it makes sense for you to switch to allango!


Smartphone-only is a thing of the past! allango is suitable for all devices.
No download and installation via App Store needed. The learning platform is accessed directly in your browser.
Optionally, it can be added to the launch screen of a PC/mobile device (after installation).


No more scanning of hard-copy books – audio, video and other content can be easily found, filtered and sorted in your browser.
Content can be streamed and stored offline in your browser and, in certain cases, also downloaded.
Students do not see any content that is intended exclusively for teachers.


So many services – one customer account: you can use the access details for your DELTA Publishing account to log on to allango
The DELTA Augmented app’s VIP login is replaced by a standard tutor registration on allango.
Content can still be accessed without registering. Please register free of charge to bookmark, store and use additional practical functions.


My bookmarks: just like with the DELTA Augmented app, bookmarks help you to reliably locate important content.
Files can also be made available offline without bookmarks on allango.
My lists: this new function enables you to organise your content easily via individual lists. Ideal for tuition preparation and much more


Frequently asked questions 

Can I keep using the DELTA Augmented app?
For now, yes! However, the app will be deactivated in the foreseeable future. For this reason, we recommend that you take a few minutes today to make the switch so that you can take full and immediate advantage of all benefits that allango offers!

What does the new allango solution mean for using hard-copy books that refer to DELTA Augmented?
If you are using a hard-copy book which refers you to the DELTA Augmented app, you can start using the allango learning platform to access the digital content straight away. You will be diverted to allango before the scheduled deactivation of the DELTA Augmented app. More information soon!
Will my existing progress status be transferred to allango from the DELTA Augmented app?

Unfortunately not. Your existing progress status and saved bookmarks cannot be automatically transferred for technical reasons. However, it is easier than ever to manually select content in the new solution.