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DELTA Publishing Speaking globally is a week of connecting teachers around the world to the best speakers in ELT today. Join us for an exciting week of ideas and thoughts that will inspire you in so many ways, both inside and outside the classroom. David Crystal will be talking about the direction Englishes are taking and Scott Thornbury will revisit the unplugged world of teaching that's moved online and what direction this digital  way is taking us. Make sure you sign up and don't miss these great talks.

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Scott Thornbury > more about Scott

Teaching unplugged revisited

It’s now more than 20 years since I proposed the idea that second language teaching had lost its way, and that the principles of the communicative approach (e.g. that you learn a language by using it) had been submerged in a tsunami of materials and resources. I suggested that we might look to the Scandinavian film movement, Dogme 1995, as a model for how we might return to our roots. Subsequently, Luke Meddings and I wrote ‘Teaching Unplugged’ (Delta 2009) where we elaborated on this basic idea. So, where are we now, a decade later, and is it time to revisit Teaching Unplugged, especially now that so much teaching has moved online and depends on technology for its effectiveness? In this talk I want to explore these questions with you, and argue that, yes, Teaching Unplugged is as relevant as ever and deserves revisiting.

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Laura Broadbent > more about Laura

Teaching 21st Century skills

In this online seminar, I will look at ways to teach 21st Century skills to students in the current world.
I will look at the most wanted skills by employers and ways you can prepare your students for the world outside of the learning environment.
By using project-based learning and promoting learner autonomy, I will give examples from the Bloggers course of how you can integrate these skills into any course.
I’ll finish with some practical teaching tips and a short Q&A session.

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JJ Amaworo Wilson > more about JJ


Many students sleepwalk while reading. They don't question what they read, or talk back to the author. This presentation describes several ways to help students interact further with texts, inviting them to occupy different roles: critic, editor, writer, participant. Instead of being a passive reader, the student reformulates, changes and "plays with" texts. These practical and enjoyable activities can be used with a wide range of levels and types of student.

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David Crystal > more about David

The Future of Englishes

What are the consequences of the global status of English for the future development of the language? The talk reviews the relevant statistics, the historical reasons for the language's present position, and the trends which are affecting English world-wide, both formally (in relation to grammar, pronunciation, and vocabulary) and functionally (in relation to cultural diversity). Implications for language teaching are briefly discussed.

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Cathy Rogers > more about Cathy

Tips for making your online teaching On Point

With so many courses now taking place online, feeling comfortable with the digital classroom is essential. Join our webinar to explore how we can ease the transition from face-to-face teaching to the online classroom. We’ll look at functions you can use to enable interactivity between students and to ensure your teaching continues to be dynamic and engaging. I’ll showcase some options from our digital course book and I’ll also invite you to share your tips and tricks for making online teaching a stress-free and rewarding experience.

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Nicky Hockly > more about Nicky

Engaging & motivating students in live online classes

The Covid-19 pandemic saw teachers suddenly having to teach English online the world over. Many have since found that it can be challenging to engage and motivate students in live online classes – that is, via videoconferencing. In this webinar, we examine activities and strategies that teachers can use to engage learners and help them practice their English in live online classes, including at lower levels.

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Bernardo Morales > more about Bernardo

Building learners' confidence when preparing for A2 KEY and B1 Preliminary

When training young learners and teens for official examinations, it is very common for students to find it difficult to cope with stress. In this session we will be looking at how we can offer support and guidance to all of our students so they can tackle the tasks confidently. We will also look at how we can adapt materials in order to prepare learners for the Cambridge A2 Key and B1 Preliminary exams.

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