Your new learning platform

What is allango?

allango (derived from “all languages”) is your new platform for smooth language teaching and learning. This browser-based solution from DELTA Publishing offers a wide range of digital enhancements to your print book, and much more!
Access audio and video content directly and discover new ways of streamlining how you organise your classes.

Why allango?

  • suitable for all end devices – smartphone,
    tablet and PC
  • available in English, German and Spanish
  • practical new functions for personalised class planning
  • many services – one customer account
    (single sign-on)
  • basic access without registration and always
    free of charge

Digital Editions for allango

In addition to many digital supplements to your book, you can now also find Digital Editions for many of our textbooks and readers on allango. Whether as a supplement to your Print Edition or as an e-only edition, the new products for allango make flexible lesson planning even easier.

See for yourself! You can test many Digital Editions in allango for 7 days free of charge.

Have you used DELTA Augmented?

Here you can find out what is improved by the learning platform allango as an optimised successor solution to the DELTA Augmented app:

Video tutorials

Language learning success is now even easier to achieve!

We believe that teaching and learning languages doesn’t need to be complicated. With allango we aim to ease your planning and give you time to focus on what really matters: spreading languages around the world, understanding them with ease, and using them confidently.


Find your content easily

Bookmark your favourite content for your tuition, use filters to locate it rapidly and even access your content offline at any time. Setting up bookmarks gives you direct access to content and an overview of everything you need.


Organise content via individual lists

Create new lists with suitable names and your own sequence for your tuition content, add individual web links and share your lists with others – ideal for your daily preparation, to distribute homework and for students to practice on their own.


Save copies of your work as often as you like

Use the many practical tools in the toolbar to edit a digital edition or one of the additional products and create individual copies. - Whether you want to make notes on the pages, hide sections or add markers.


  • Straightforward: focus on intuitive user navigation
  • Flexible: allango supports all formats, whether online courses or face-to-face tuition
  • Sparing: dark mode saves energy and is gentle on your eyes
  • Varied: suitable content for your language for all ages and levels
  • Secure: GDPR-compliant and exclusively on servers in Germany


Frequently asked questions 

What does single sign-on mean?
If you already have an online customer account at DELTA Publishing, you can use the same access details to log on to allango. A new registration is not required in this case.

Why do I need a customer account for allango?
You cannot open and use content without registering. Please register free of charge to bookmark and store content, and to use additional functions.
What is the difference between streaming, storing offline and downloading?

allango enables you to access your content in various ways. To stream content, you will need an internet connection. If you want to access content on the learning platform at a later point without an internet connection, you can store it offline in your browser cache (linked to a specific device). Alternatively, you can download content, i.e. you can store certain allango content locally on your device. The access options are managed by the publisher.

To what extent does allango fulfil quality and security standards?
The technological infrastructure of the learning platform allango utilises technologies from providers that are certified according to strict quality and security standards (ISO 9001 and ISO/IEC 27001).