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The Company Words Keep
Lexical chunks in language teaching
ISBN 9783125013575 | Pages 120
The Company Words Keep is a practical and thought-provoking guide for language teachers, showing how the latest insights into "language chunks" can lead to learners acquiring natural and fluent English.
Here is a new methodology based on the Lexical Approach, a practical theory of language, of learning - and of teaching.
The authors have drawn on their
considerable experiences to reflect both on the situation of many non-native teachers around the world who are not always sure which word partnerships are likely and unlikely as well addressing native speakers who still need point-of-need confidence in class and in the key terms involved in the teaching of lexical chunks.
They provide:
  • an approach to all aspects of teaching chunks: from beginners to advanced, from ESP to exam preparation …
  • a glossary of essential terms: from acronyms to the Web, deixis to delexification, priming to pragmatics …
  • a new methodology: a practical theory of language, of learning - and of teaching.
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