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On your birthday, you find yourself trapped in an abandoned hotel in a deserted 1850's Californian Gold Rush town on the majestic American River. At first, nothing makes sense, and you need to figure out what is going on. As you try to solve the enigmas you are faced with on your mission to escape, you'll encounter a range of curious characters.
The Digital Edition gives you access to the digital form of the book on the allango learning platform - with the digital media content you need right at your fingertips.

Benefits to you of the digital version:
  • Suitable for all end devices, such as smartphone, tablet or PC
  • Locate, search, browse and bookmark the pages in the book quickly and accurately
  • Enhanced display settings with zoom function
  • Retrieve specific media content such as audio or videos for each page
  • Comprehensive toolbar with a range of editing options such as highlight, comment, underline and hide
  • Save multiple versions of personal drafts for the Digital Edition
  • Digital Edition incl. media content can be used online and offline
  • Manage content in personalised lists and much more
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allango is a browser-based learning platform. It is suitable for all devices, smartphone, tablet and PC, and is available in German, English and Spanish. The digital editions used in allango are available in the respective target language. Articles in the help portal are available in German and English.

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For the login iOS higher than 15.3.1 is required.

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In private mode of the browser, use of allango is not guaranteed.
On iOS (iPhone only), there is no offline availability of content.

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