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Telling Tales in English
6 stories for young learners - and how to use them!

Book with photocopiable activites and Audio-CD

ISBN 9783125017283 | Pages 83
Aimed at teachers of young children Telling Tales in English contains photocopiable pages of well-known and much-loved stories, with accompanying activities, for use with pupils aged 8-11 years.
Each story covers a number of lessons, with a wide variety of activities, practising specific language and vocabulary. These activities are also designed to help teachers exploit
other similar stories with their pupils.
The material in Telling Tales in English:
  • is simple and easy to prepare, with full Teachers Notes containing information on each of the stories
  • uses interesting and motivating stories and activities
  • helps learners understand by giving language in context
  • allows recycling and repetition of language in a natural way
The book is accompanied by Audio CD, containing all the stories and listening texts, songs and chants.
Telling Tales in English can be used to supplement any main course or form part of a topic-based project.
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