Cover Teamwork 978-3-12-501732-0
B1 - C1
Interactive tasks to get students talking

Book with photocopiable activites

ISBN 9783125017320 | Pages 88
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Teamwork has been carefully designed to encourage group-based interaction between students. It can be used with all class sizes from intermediate to advanced levels with teenage or adult students.
Teamwork provides ideal supplementary material for a wide variety of coursebooks and features:
 20 lively and appealing units designed to inspire interaction between students through original, creative ideas and tasks
  • a variety of activity types including jigsaw communication, task-based learning, role-play and collaborative projects
  • supplementary activities in each unit which reinforce and practice the language that has been studied
  • extensive teacher's notes, clearly formatted with lead-ins, full guidance on using the material and ideas for further activities
  • detailed contents pages plus an index of topics and grammar for quick reference
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