DELTA Augmented
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Teaching Teens: Speaking Activities
Ready - Steady - Go!

Buch und DELTA Augmented

ISBN 9783125017375 | Pages 120
Ask yourself
  • Are your students exceptionally strong at speaking?
  • Does each of your students speak more than 15 minutes of English during class?
  • Do you like frontal teaching?
If your answer is "yes" to any of these questions, please stop reading and don't buy the book!
If none of the points above apply, you will
find a multitude of methods and activities that can significantly improve the speaking competence of your students at the performative level. All methods and activities follow the simple principle "Language learning is language use!" and foster speaking proficiency in its four dimensions: fluency, accuracy, complexity and appropriacy.
Part I: categorization of activity types, with teaching tips and feedback options: milling, drilling, etc.
Part II: in-depth description of methods and bank of photocopiable resources and engaging speaking activities: buzz reading and cue cards, choral repetition, information-gap and many more …
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DELTA Augmented: Scan, learn, discover!

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