Teaching Teenagers
Unlocking potential in the young adult classroom
ISBN 9783125017733 | Pages 167
Teaching Teenagers is a comprehensive guide to teaching this age group, one that is often seen as challenging by many teachers. In addition to providing an accessible insight into the teenage mind, this book is a compendium of ideas that everyone, from the new teacher to the seasoned expert, can dip into and experiment with. 
Part A
starts with the theory and shows us how the learning process works best for teens. It explains how key parts of the brain work, and how the brain develops during adolescence. It looks at how teens interact in the classroom and ends with good practices when teaching teens.
Part B consists of seven chapters filled with activities for teaching teens, covering self-development, social development (rapport and working together), using media, using course materials, projects, and learning strategies.
Part C is divided into two sections. The first covers a range of typical challenges teachers say they have when teaching teens; the second includes a range of reflective activities to help you develop as a teacher of teens.
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