Cover Storytelling With Our Students 978-3-12-501354-4
Storytelling With Our Students
Techniques for telling tales from around the world
ISBN 9783125013544 | Pages 128
Storytelling With Our Students invites you on a fascinating and personal journey in the company of David Heathfield - an experienced teacher and dedicated storyteller. He introduces you to the art of telling an unscripted story, and provides you with the opportunity to bring stories from many cultures to
vibrant life in your language teaching.
Storytelling builds confidence, develops language skills, encourages speaking and listening fluency, and increases motivation and interaction.
  • Teachers discover the techniques for being successful tellers of tales.
  • Learners discover that they, too, can be storytellers.
The book includes stories from around the world - and focuses on the telling techniques that will make all the difference as you tell them.
Storytelling With Our Students contains three distinctive parts which focus in turn on theory, practice and development:
Part A presents the history of storytelling through ages and cultures, and how it can be integrated into teaching in general and language teaching in particular.
Part B presents a wealth of stories, accompanying them all with techniques for their successful telling. The three chapters - The teacher as storyteller, The student as storyteller and Creative ways into and out of a story - indicate that there is much more to classroom storytelling than first meets the eye.
Part C presents further possibilities for those of you who venture into the magical world of stories - showing how Storytelling With Our Students can be just the beginning of your own personal journey.
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