Cover Spontaneous Speaking 978-3-12-501606-4
Spontaneous Speaking
Drama activities for confidence and fluency
ISBN 9783125016064 | Pages 95
Spontaneous Speaking, part of the Professional Perspectives series , gives teachers a wide variety of drama activities, all of which have been designed to maximise student interaction. A range of different, true-to-life situations are used, to create meaningful communication, increase fluency and build up students' confidence.
In Spontaneous Speaking
  • Students have no option but to speak and listen to each other. Written prompts such as rolecards are not used, so the students' focus is always 100% on each other.
  • The activities provide frameworks but creative content always come from the students. They generate a lot of energy, fun and laughter, as recently-learnt language is put into practice.
  • Clear aims and some suggested variations minimise the teacher's input and maximise students' output.
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