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Speaking Games
Photocopiable activities to make language learning fun

Book with photocopiable activites

ISBN 9783125017269 | Pages 128
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Speaking Games is a photocopiable resource book of 50 speaking games for teachers of English to use in class with both adult and teenage learners. It provides original, effective and enjoyable activities that focus on developing the learners' ability to use language confidently in real-world situations. It includes a wide variety of activities which get learners speaking on topics of  interest while injecting energy, fun and motivation into a class.
Each game:
  • is easy to print, use and recycle
  • is presented in a double-page spread of instructions and resources
  • includes a 'Rules of the Game' handout, to be used as an authentic reading opportunity
Speaking Games is divided into four sections:
  • Board Games - photocopiable boards for games such as Snakes and Ladders or Scrabble
  • Card Games - photocopiable cards that are cut up and used either as questions or prompts
  • Secrets and Lies - activities that involve either guessing secret information or guessing whether a speaker is being honest or not
  • Quizzes, Puzzles and Challenges - including well-known quiz show formats, such as Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, problem solving puzzles, brainteasers and activities that challenge learners to use language accurately while speaking fluently
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