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Role Plays for Today
Photocopiable activities to get students speaking

Book with photocopiable activites

ISBN 9783125017382 | Pages 89
Role Plays for Today is a photocopiable resource book for use with adult and teenage EFL and ESOL students from elementary to advanced levels. It provides teachers with an instant resource of up-to the-minute role play activities which can be used to support or extend any English teaching course. The activities can be adapted for use with classes of any size.
Features include:
  • 39 enjoyable, ready to use role plays divided into five 'real world' categories - Services, Shopping, Social life, Lifestyle and Creative role plays - which provide extensive and varied speaking practice in pair and group situations
  • Target language boxes on each worksheet to remind students and teachers of key expressions and functional language appropriate for the role play
  • language activities and discussion questions in the teacher's notes which help prepare and motivate students for the role play, and suggestions for further activities, helping to ensure a well-rounded lesson
  • grammar, functional language and vocabulary areas likely to be activated are given for each role play in the contents and teacher's notes
  • an index of grammar, functions and vocabulary at the back of the book
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