Cover Practise and Pass C1 Advanced - Digital Edition BlinkLearning NP00850170501
Digital BlinkLearning C1
Practise and Pass C1 Advanced - Digital Edition BlinkLearning
Student’s License (14 months)

Student’s Book with audios and interactive exercises

NP00850170501 | Pages 168
This digital edition with interactive exercises is available in the Learning Management System (LMS) BlinkLearning.
Interactive exercises - the special extra:
•    Learn with various exercise types: matching, gap texts, multiple choice, etc.
•    Immediately see results and get an evaluation.
•    Thanks to the transparent point system, you can keep an eye on your learning progress.
Your digital advantages:
•    Use the digital edition on your tablet, laptop or PC - online or offline.
•    Work with practical tools: insert notes and text fields, highlight and underline content, etc.
•    You can communicate directly with your teacher and with the other pupils in your class.

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Practise and Pass Preparation for Cambridge English Qualifications

Preparing you to pass! Practise and Pass offers step-by-step preparation for all school-age
students wanting to focus on passing a Cambridge English exam.

Practise and Pass for Schools is a series of exam preparation books for school-age students who
are preparing for the Cambridge English qualifications: A2 Key, B1 Preliminary,