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ISBN 9783125011472 | Pages 112
Becky takes an interest in a group of fellow environmental activists she meets at the café where she works. When the group discover that the meadow - the same meadow that reminds Becky so much of her mum - down by the canal is to be converted into a lorry park to service a new depot, they decide to take action. Realising that a demo is not going to be enough to stop the bulldozers arriving, they hatch a plan to kidnap the owner's beloved dog so that they can blackmail him into going back on his plans. After proving how valuable she is, Becky is welcomed into the tribe. But in truth, she is not 100% on board. After all, how far can you go in defying the law just because your intentions are good? And what if it means putting your own dad's job at risk?
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DELTA Readers: Me and my world

DELTA Readers "Me and my World" is a series which aims to share stories about people’s lives around the world and the issues that they are confronted with.