Cover On Point Beginner’s English (A1) 978-3-12-501266-0
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On Point Beginner’s English (A1)
Beginner’s English

Workbook + audios

ISBN 9783125012660 | Pages 64

The Workbook includes:

  • Practice of all grammar, vocabulary and phrases for speaking and writing
  • Extra listening practice
  • Reviews after every two units to check your progress
  • Answer key at the back of the book
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DELTA Augmented: Scan, learn, discover!

On Point

On Point is a six-level English course for adults and students from beginner to advanced levels (A1 to C1).
Available in print or, for online courses, a digital edition with interactive exercises in the Learning Management System (LMS) BlinkLearning!

On Point takes the best traditional teaching methods to give students a classic approach to learning English.