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New in New Zealand

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ISBN 9783125011564 | Pages 104
Maggie loves her life in London. When her mum announces that they are moving to Auckland, Maggie is totally not on board. How could her mum do this to her? What was she supposed to do on the other side of the world without her friends? Riddled with resentment, Maggie sends out negative vibes to everyone she meets and finds settling in to be quite a challenge. To make matters worse, her little brother Stevie is finding it so easy to fit in and loves his new life from the get-go. Mentally still very much in London, Maggie is blind to the country, people and culture around her. A huge blunder and a very close call wake Maggie up and help her see what she needs to do to embrace the new opportunities life in New Zealand has to offer her.  
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