Mighty Movers 2nd edition

Pupil's Book, Saddle Stiching

ISBN 9783125013957 | Pages 88
Out of print. Find the new edition here.
Mighty Movers is an ideal preparation course for the Cambridge English: Young Learners Movers test. This has been extensively revised and updated for the 2018 syllabus with sparkling new artwork and additional teacher resources, including material for the Interactive Whiteboard.
Mighty Movers
is much more than a test preparation course. It places emphasis on making learning English and preparing for the test fun! The course offers:
  • an activity based approach through active engagement in everyday classroom tasks
  • motivating activities 
  • songs, classroom games and craft activities 
  • additional support including cut-outs such as diaries, questionnaires, maps and quizes
  • Downloadable resources
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Photocopiable Resources

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Practice Test

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DELTA Young Learners English

A three-level series for young learners of English which is based on the syllabus of the Cambridge Young Learners English tests.