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Learning to Teach Vocabulary

Teacher's Resource Book with digital extras

ISBN 9783125017900 | Pages 150
Languages are made up of words - a lot of words. With so many words to choose
from, how do you know which words your students need and how best to teach them?
Learning to Teach Vocabulary explores how we can make sense of and order this chaos
of words and help our students both select the words they need and use them effectively.

Learning to Teach
Vocabulary is primarily intended for teachers in training or recently
qualified teachers but is helpful for all teachers looking for different ways of approaching
vocabulary in their classrooms. It can be used both for self-study and as a coursebook for
groups in training.

Key areas of focus

Each unit includes examples in context as well as notes related to use. You will also find
10 activities, a full lesson plan with accompanying material, and a worksheet for teacher
consolidation. All the units follow the same pattern:
  • An introduction to the topic
  • How to use it
  • Good to know
  • How to teach it
Learning to Teach Vocabulary supports teachers by offering a collection of ideas,
classroom activities, sample lesson plans and photocopiable/downloadable worksheets.
There is also a glossary to help you with any unfamiliar terms.
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