Learning to Teach the Language of Communication

Teacher's Resource Book with digital extras

ISBN 9783125016880 | Pages 208
There is a huge variety of ways of communicating the information and the way we choose depends on the situation we are in and who we are talking to. Learning to Teach Communicative Language offers teachers a clear, structured approach to teaching the not so clear and structured reality of communicative language. Teachers are asked to think not only about what language they choose to teach and why, but how useful the chosen language is, how frequently it occurs in reality, and how appropriate it is to a given situation. 
Each of the ten units include language in context, notes on situations it can be used in, relations between speakers, as well as notes related to grammar. This book provides meaningful classroom practice activities for students at three levels. Each chapter follows the same pattern:
  • How to recognise it
  • How and when to use it
  • Good to know
  • How to teach it

Numerous suggestions for classroom activities, sample lesson plans and adaptable photocopiable worksheets are provided. There is also a glossary to help you with any terms new terms.
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This series sets out primarily to help new teachers understand what they have to teach and provide a bank of ideas and contexts for them to use in the classroom immediately.