allango A2
Lake Eerie

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ISBN 9783125011465 | Pages 66
Jem is spending the summer at her Grandpa's house by Lake Eerie. She quickly makes friends with Nathan. In town, they hear about the competition "Midnight Madness". To enter the competition, they need to be at least 13 years old and have their own canoe. Jem is 13 and Nathan is 12. Jem will have to race alone, but she doesn't have a canoe. Her Grandpa has a canoe, but there is no way he will let her use it. They decide to ignore her Grandpa and fix the canoe themselves. But somebody, or something, wants to stop them, because the hole is back again the next day. They fix it again and Jem joins the race. She quickly gets lost in the fog, and as the boat begins to sink, Jem finds that she is not alone...
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