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ISBN 9783125011632 | Pages 149
You are the main character in this book.
YOUR adventure begins in a fascinating Victorian house where you meet Lord William Armstrong. He claims to have invented a time machine! Suddenly you find yourself back in the 19th century and you need to save the world from a water shortage. To do so, you will have to solve challenging enigmas and come face-to-face with famous people.
Can you save humanity and escape the book? Unfortunately, the idea of time travel creates many paradoxes and maybe the solution is NOW…
Escape Adventures - Read / Think / Escape!
So, just how do you escape?
In the book
  • Read the introduction to each chapter, and then read the chapter itself.
  • Think about everything you read and see. There are clues everywhere!
  • Escape! Use what you've learnt to find the number you need to break out of each situation.
  • Interactive quizzes designed to check your understanding of the plot so far.
  • Clues: If you need some help, listen to a downloadable clue.
The book also includes
  • explanations of new vocabulary
  • activities focused on developing vocabulary
  • CLIL content, e.g. history, famous people, industrial revolution, politics
  • Talking points: opportunities to speak
  • Find out more: tasks designed to help you learn more about what you have read
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