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In conversation 2nd edition B2
Conversation course

Student’s Book with audios

ISBN 9783125015593 | Pages 88
In conversation 2nd edition is ideal for all learners aged 16+ who want to express themselves on engaging topics and exchange ideas with others, in pairs or in a group. In conversation B2 is the second volume in a series of three conversation courses (B1, B2, B2/C1) and includes a varied range of reading and listening texts, as well as additional online material. It can be used as the main textbook for short courses, or as a secondary component to other textbooks.
  • 20 engaging topics such as The climate crisis, Changing gender roles and Is it really taboo? help motivate students to speak.
  • The short and modular units (double-page spread) can be used in any order.
  • Useful phrases and key words for each unit are available as audio flashcards for pronunciation practice of natural English phrases.
  • The appendix contains transcripts, files and homework tasks for each unit.
  • DELTA Augmented App with all recordings and audio flashcards for useful phrases and key words
  • Free teaching notes and answer keys available online
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Thumbnail In conversation 2nd edition B2 - Teaching Notes

In conversation 2nd edition B2 - Teaching Notes

Free Teaching Notes with answer keys and ideas on how to use the Student’s Book in class.

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DELTA Augmented: Scan, learn, discover!

In conversation 2nd edition