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Heads up 1 A2-B1
Spoken English for business

Student’s Book with audio CD

ISBN 9783125013360 | Pages 104
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Heads Up is a practical student-based speaking course, devised to meet the overriding need in-work students have to become operational in spoken English as quickly and efficiently as possible. Heads Up addresses the lack of time these one-to-one or group learners often have and the need for streamlined materials targeting their own needs in their own world of work. The materials in Heads Up help students to successfully achieve speaking skills development by providing careful preparation leading up to personalised tasks, supported by consistent pronunciation practice and teacher feedback.
The forty short units per level of Heads Up get right to the heart of the students' needs and wishes, and are divided into three sections: 'My Job', 'My Business' and 'The Bigger Picture' with considerable input invited from students. The topics encourage students to talk about their own work contexts, while the activities naturally stimulate and motivate learners with personalised tasks.
Key features:
- Offers extensive listening and speaking practice with personalised tasks
- Provides regular pronunciation work, with attention to elision, stress and intonation
- Suitable for normal class use and some guided self-study
- Student's Book accompanied by audio CD
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