English for a Critical Mind
Language pedagogy for social justice

Book with photocopiable activities

ISBN 9783125017436 | Pages 168
English for a Critical Mind takes us on a fascinating journey from Critical Pedagogy to Critical Language Pedagogy (CLP), within the perspective of English as a Lingua Franca (ELF). It suggests an alternative to mainstream approaches and is written by three experts who share their very different experiences - working together and with other teachers - to create a book which reflects their contexts and contacts, research and reflections, views and values.
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Part A provides a down-to-earth introduction to CLP, followed by specific suggestions that address the key features of language teaching:
  • The need for preliminary work by the teacher, including activities for setting up an appropriate classroom environment for a CLP context.
  • The role of language, and the diversity of English, in relation to the students' contexts and needs - integrating CLP with ELF as a critical intercultural pedagogy of English.
Part B offers a series of handouts and sample units illustrating CLP in action:
  • They are backed up by a wealth of downloadable materials for the students.
  • They are challenging - but show how meeting the challenge is a journey that is well worth the effort.

Part C insists on the importance of reflection, and considers two further aspects of practice:
  • Action is the long-term goal of CLP. Its concepts require planning schedules and outlines, so that teachers can consider what can (and cannot) be done in their specific situations.
  • Building a teacher network is very important in acquiring a critical mindset - for both professional development and personal growth.
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English for a Critical Mind Sample Exercise

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